DONE Stationery Supplies Industry and Foreign Trade Company was established in 2010. DONE is a company that keeps quality and customer satisfaction in the foreground, constantly renewed in the stationery sector and taking steps with the awareness of the various types of products and renewing itself with each passing year.

Our company has its own brands;

Hedgebag :

-Backpack and briefcase,

-Nutrition pouch and pencil case varieties…

Filing products (Secretary base, Snap-in files, Presentation files, Bellow files, Drawing sheet, Page separators, etc.)


Types of pen (Functional pens, Gel pens, Versatile pens, dask pens)


Notebook types

Educator and developer playgroup,

Puzzle carpets, puzzle adhesive and puzzle products,

Various kinds of gift products (gift boxes, gift bags, biblors, pigeons, snow globes, table top decorations etc ...).

DONE has a rich product range that includes them.

Done Stationery, together with its own brands,Redka (education of mind and intelligence), Kumtoys (handicrafts and handicraft materials), Gold Puzzle(puzzle varieties) has distribution of branded products.

Apart from these brands, there are also product varieties that change with our seasonal products.

Done Stationery by the year 2018, ın particular Hedgebag has begun to act jointly with exporting partner with foreign partner more actively in foreign market by enlarging target in export in bag group.

In the inner market, especially with our new brand Truffy product range, the product which is aware of it will play a more active role in the market today.